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Backblaze and Bitcoins

Bitcoins certainly have generated a fair amount of interest over the last several months. From time-to-time we are asked when Backblaze will accept bitcoins as payment. No, we haven’t made the jump to accepting bitcoins yet, but one of our long time affiliate partners, CloudStorageBuzz, is dipping their toe into the water by offering to take bitcoins as payment for Backblaze. If you have some bitcoins burning a hole in your digital pocket and you need online backup, now you have no excuse. CloudStorageBuzz will also take old fashioned credit cards as payment for Backblaze too, just don’t try to use dollars or darseks.

If you’re not a bitcoin expert, here are a few places where you can learn more:,, and There are also a fair number of less than reputable sites, although that’s not much different than most things on the Internet.

As you dig into bitcoins, you’ll notice the discussion rages around the globe. Individuals, organizations and governments are all debating the future of this digital currency. What do you think about bitcoins? Are they the future or just a passing fad? Will the current volatility eventually wane? Can they be secured? Are bitcoins another step in moving from physical to digital currencies? Let us know what you think.


Author: Andrew Klein

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VIZIO, Backblaze and friends…

It’s nice to have friends. You’ve probably heard of VIZIO and maybe some of those other companies in the picture above, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon and the rest. And there’s Backblaze right in the middle – cool huh? That’s Matt McRae, the CTO of VIZIO, introducing their new PC lineup, All-in-Ones, Notebooks, and Thin + Lights. Matt gave us a nice shout out to everyone there, thanks Matt! Yup, really cool.

What all this means is that online backup has taken the first step in becoming an integral part of the PC experience. You get a new computer and one of the things it should do is protect the stuff you put on it, automatically and continuously. VIZIO understands this and reached out to Backblaze, and there we are, with all our new found friends. As part of Backup Awareness month, Backblaze recently announced survey results showing that 10% of computer users backup their computer daily or more often. Having online backup be an integrated part of the PC experience can only help to reduce the senseless loss of data that occurs when a person does not backup their system. VIZIO believes that data backup should be part of the PC experience and we agree.

To be clear we are not built in, we are an add-on service that must be installed. But VIZIO has made it pretty simple. They have a “V” button that brings up a list of services. You can download and install the Backblaze service onto the VIZIO PC, pay for it, and you are backing up your photos, videos, spreadsheet and more. Check out the press release for more details.

Konichiwa! Backblaze partners with Japan’s largest software vendor: Sourcenext

Backblaze launches in a big way in Japan today. We have partnered with Sourcenext to offer our unlimited online backup service to the Japanese market.

The service provided in Japan still provides automatic backup, unlimited storage, unthrottled bandwidth, robust encryption, restore via download or USB drive, Locate My Computer, and more for one flat rate. Additionally, the entire service is localized into Japanese.

Backblaze online backup in Japanese
Backblaze in Japanese

Noriyuki Matsuda, founder and CEO of Sourcenext, came to the US a couple months ago and said that his technical people scour the world for the best products to bring to the Japanese market. In 2010, they picked Evernote (one of my favorite services) to bring to Japan. This year they picked Backblaze online backup as a must-have for Japan.

I am thrilled to be partnering with Sourcenext to help every Japanese person keep their photos, music, movies, work files, etc. safe from drive crashes and other data loss.

Sourcenext home page
Sourcenext home page

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