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Help Your Friends and Yourself

You back up your computer. You go to bed every night, wrap yourself up in a blanket burrito and think about how peaceful your life is now that you have an online backup; and hard drive crashes no longer loom in the back of your mind. Sometimes you think about your friends, wondering why they’ve never backed up their computers and known the true comfort of having digital peace of mind. Now you can help your friends get backed up, and it’s easier than ever.

Announcing the new Backblaze Refer-a-Friend program

We’re thrilled to announce our brand new Refer-A-Friend program. Starting now you can invite your friends to try Backblaze for one month, free of charge. For every friend that signs up with us, you’ll get one month’s worth of Backblaze applied to your Backblaze account. What could be better than helping your friends get peace of mind, knowing their data is safe, and getting a little something in return too? Possibly doing all of that while eating cake, but that’s about it!

How the Refer-a-Friend Program Works

How will it work? Once you log in to your Backblaze account, you’ll see a “Get Free Months” tab on the left hand side. After going there you’ll see your personal invite link, which you can then tweet, share, or email to your friends. We’ll show you the status of everyone who you’ve invited, and once they purchase, you’ll get a free month’s worth of credit applied to your account, one for each new account that signs up with Backblaze using your invite link.

Get Backblaze Free Forever

Backblaze is all about unlimited, so there’s no limit to how many months you can get for free. That’s right! Get enough of your friends to sign up and your Backblaze can be totally free. So get to it! Invite your friends to Backblaze, get some free months, and help spread some good on the planet!

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We’re Still Here!

Well folks, we made it! It turns out we skirted another “world-ending” event. Even though Gangnam Style did hit 1,000,000,000 views on 12-21-2012, the world did not end as was expected (sure, it wasn’t a real prediction, but we got a kick out of it).

As a way of celebrating the continuance of this fine planet, we’re releasing a 16% off offer code in honor of the 16% of people that were seriously worried about the world ending (we even wrote a press release about it). The offer code “longcount” will be active on Backblaze purchases through Sunday 12/23/2012 (11:59PM PST).

In order to use the code go to Buy Page on the Backblaze website and input “longcount” with no parenthesis as the offer code when making a purchase!

Just a little way of getting the 14th baktun started off right!

*Update* -> Please note that you can only use offer codes on new accounts. If you already have a Backblaze account, you will need to create a new one to purchase licenses using the offer code! You can create a new account by signing in with a new email address and password!

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Wanted: Black Friday Drive Farmers

Hard drive prices shot up due to the flooding in Thailand, and still haven’t returned to “pre-flood” levels. Since we are determined to keep our commitment to unlimited online backup, we’re constantly looking for good deals on drives.

We just found Costco will have a fantastic deal on hard drives this weekend. The deal starts this Friday, November 23rd and ends on Sunday, November 25th!

Want to help Backblaze continue offering unlimited online backup?
Care to help us on a super-fun-thanksgiving-weekend-holiday-hard-drive-hunt?
Want to earn some cash at the same time?

Order up to 5 drives from Costco this weekend, ship them to us, and we’ll pay you $5 per drive.

Here are the steps (important to follow ALL of them):
1. Go to our Facebook Sign Up Page and sign up with your name and a valid Paypal account. (This offer is only valid for the first 200 people who sign up here.)

2. Buy this specific Seagate 3TB External hard drive from Costco Online at the $99.99 price (not from a Costco Store; leave those for the local folks.)

3. When purchasing the drive use this address for shipment:
H.D. Farmer
500 Ben Franklin Ct.
San Mateo, CA 94401

4. Forward your tracking number to

5. Once we receive the drives and your receipts, we will Paypal you the total cost of the drives, and the $5 per drive bounty.

For the next few days, Backblaze is putting a $5 “bounty” on each of these drives for a total of $25 extra in your pocket for the effort!

Sounds good? Well thank you!

*UPDATE* It looks like the drive has sold out! That was fast. Thanks to everyone that attempted and the few who could purchase!

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Hurricane Sandy and Data Loss Assistance

Backblaze would like to extend our deepest sympathies to the people affected by Hurricane Sandy. We hope your recovery and return to any semblance of “normalcy” is swift.

Many of our customers are located in the areas devastated by Hurricane Sandy and thus many of you may need to recover lost data from our online backup service over the coming weeks. Our goal is to make that as easy and seamless as possible.

We have setup a dedicated email address for customers who lost data in Hurricane Sandy and need help recovering their data: (For everyone else and requests unrelated to restoring data, please contact the Backblaze Support team by visiting: and submit a support request or watch our restore tutorial video).

Additionally, while you can always download your data for free, if you are in the FEMA Disaster Declared Area (affected areas in Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey) and need your data sent via FedEx on a USB Hard Drive or USB Flash Drive, we will provide a 50% discount on these services through the end of November. To use this discount, please order your data restore and email with your information to receive a 50% refund.

Again, our thoughts are with those impacted and hope your life can get back to normal quickly.

If you would like to make a donation to assist those affected by Hurricane Sandy, please contact the American Red Cross or donate to the relief organization of your choice.

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Backblaze is faster than the sound of panic after a hard drive failure.

faster backup

Yes, that’s how blazing fast Backblaze is at backing up your data! At least according to @joerocklin who gets a Backblaze bike jersey for finishing: “Backblaze is faster than…”

In addition to Joe’s answer, there were hundreds of other suggestions…many of which made us laugh out loud. Thank to everyone who submitted! For your perusing pleasure, below are all the ideas that came in by the time we finished looking.

Have a friend who could use a fast online backup service? Send them our way!

Pavlin Panayotov Backblaze is faster than a Neutrino!
Julie Stanley Backblaze is faster than a shooting star on a mission!
Siebe Warmoeskerken Backblaze is faster than a SSD on steroids.
Steve Staskiewicz Backblaze is faster than Chuck Norris.
Chris Miller Backblaze is faster than it used to be. Much faster.
Dana Buswell Backblaze is faster than Kim Kardashian filing for divorce.
Rhain Louis Backblaze is faster than Lance without EPO!
Richard Lawson Backblaze is faster than my old online backup company!
Erwin Lötscher Backblaze is faster than no backup…
John Griffin Backblaze is faster than rewriting a single document.
Jim Soriano Backblaze is faster than trying to find the file in my Dropbox.
Courtney Ely Backblaze is faster than Usain Bolt on the 100m sprint.
Alan Em Backblaze is faster than… um… something really fast…
Niben Singh Blackblaze is faster than Jimmy John’s delivery!
Gorka Ludlow Backblaze is faster than #backupmonday. By Monday it already has me backed up.
James Gockel Backblaze is faster than a dog on a go-kart track.
James Gockel Backblaze is faster than the speed of lint.
James Gockel Backblaze is faster than printing out hard copies of all the Binary, to create ‘a backup’.
Sebastian Vazquez Backblaze is faster than restoring from CDs.
Gavin Chapman Backblaze is faster than having to go out and recreate all the family photos all over again.
Joey Dawson Backblaze is faster than Usain Bolt.
Thomas Völk Backblaze is faster than you realize you accidentally deleted that file you were looking for.
Michael Tenney Backblaze is faster than a juiced up cyclist!
Matthew Thompson Backblaze is faster than a neutrino at the Gran Sasso lab.
Shawn Beattie Backblaze is faster than a Romulan warship.
Olav Grønås Gjerde Backblaze is faster than a time machine.
Justin Gehring Backblaze is faster than Chuck Norris.
John Montgomery Backblaze is faster than Mark Cavendish on the Champs-Élysées in July.
Jonathan Anonuevo Backblaze is faster than the action potential of a neurotransmitter! =)
Justin Gehring Backblaze is faster than your external USB drive.
Shawn Beattie Backblaze is faster than a Ferrari loaded with DVD-ROMs.
Justin Gehring Backblaze is faster than fast.
Bryan Mumme Backblaze is faster than Mark Cavendish sprinting towards the finish line.
Shawn Beattie Backblaze is faster than Speedy Gonzalez AND the Road Runner.
Justin Gehring Backblaze is faster than the growth of the US National Debt.
Barry Wood Backblaze is faster than the Tour de France peloton coming down from the Alps with a tailwind.
Katia Bloom Backblaze is faster than a hunting cheetah.
Leya Leydiker Backblaze is faster than you can say "OH $H!T!! I lost my data."
Ashley Thalman Backblaze is faster than Your mom.
Bryan Mumme Backblaze is faster than "greased lightning."
Jeff Jones Backblaze is faster than a staple gun…an elf with a staple gun…a north pole Rudolf-riding elf with staple gun putting up Grizwold’s lights.
Kathy McDowell Backblaze is faster than a one armed paper hanger!
Ashley N John Harte Backblaze is faster than an iron mountain truck hauling your tape backups from the closest underground bunker.
Sergey Kleimenichev Backblaze is faster than Chuck Norris’ kick.
Sergey Kleimenichev Backblaze is faster than your thoughts to try it.
Sergey Kleimenichev Backblaze is faster than a Universe expansion.
@azharc @backblaze Backblaze is faster than me on my bike, but only during winters.
@atypicalbnc @backblaze is faster than the Waco Kid. Well raise my rent!
@atypicalbnc @backblaze is faster than Dwight Schrute…which is somewhere between a snake and a mongoose. And a panther.
@GotKevin Backblaze is faster than a rocket goin… OMG BEES! (cc: @backblaze)
@austinehrhart @Backblaze is faster than…particles in the Hadron Collider!
@joerocklin Backblaze is faster than the sound of panic after a hard drive failure. @backblaze
@haentz @Backblaze is faster than me riding my bike down the trails! (That might change with an awesome Backblaze jersey, though.)
@dankohn1 Backblaze is faster than an (otherwise data-destroying) tornado.
@AndyM84 @backblaze Backblaze is faster than… a Kenyan. So fast, it’ll beat a Kenyan in a race and have them deported back to Kenya.
@Hoffmann @backblaze Backblaze is faster storing my data than I’m losing it.
@r_pluta @backblaze is faster than a spilt margarita. #zzzztt #zap
@permagnus Backblaze is faster than me @backblaze #backblaze
@blinkingeye @backblaze Backblaze is faster than a Quantum Slipstream Drive.
@lvcosgrove @backblaze Backblaze is faster than a defection from Mozy.
@scardus @backblaze is faster than building a time machine to rescue my data.
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CyberMonday winner gets peace of mind for giving peace of mind.

Congratulations to Kenneth Ames for winning the Backblaze CyberMonday raffle!

He bought 1-year Backblaze Online Backup gifts for both his son and daughter in college. Helping ensure his kids don’t lose their school papers, photos, music, and other data got Kenneth a $250 gift card which he’s using to take a trip to Chicago. Hopefully he and his kids will be able to enjoy the holidays that much more knowing they don’t have to worry about a hard drive crash.

And by being a Backblaze Facebook fans or Backblaze Twitter follower, @Amour103 won a 1-year Backblaze Online Backup gift for himself!

Sometimes it feels REALLY good to give! Happy holidays.

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And the winner is…Kiss your lost files hello.

online backup billboard
Thank you for voting on your favorite billboard! The votes have been tallied across the Facebook poll, comments, blog feedback, Twitter responses…and the winner is:

Kiss your lost files hello

Lee Robertson wins one-year of Backblaze online backup by voting/retweeting.

Congratulations Lee, thanks to everyone that voted…and look out for the billboard appearing on Highway 101 in two weeks!

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It’s down to the final 6:Vote for your favorite Backblaze billboard.

Online Backup billboard vote
We asked you to provide us ideas for a billboard and, wow, did you come through!
You submitted about 200 ideas!

It was incredibly difficult to narrow them down. But, after much deliberation, rigorous analysis, careful evaluation…and just some plain “I like that one!”…we came down to the six ideas below.

Now it’s to pick the final billboard that will go up on Highway 101:
Vote on Facebook for your favorite Backblaze online backup billboard!
Voting by Dec 5, 2011 at 10am PST enters you to win 1 year of Backblaze.

Peace of Mind. $5/month.
online backup billboard peace-of-mind

Yesterday, you said you would backup today.
online backup billboard yesterday-said-backup

Because there are some videos you don’t want to lose.
online backup billboard don't-lose-videos

Easy backup. Quick restore. You can hug us later.
online backup billboard easy-backup

Kiss your lost files hello.
online backup billboard say-hello

1 in 2 people will lose data. Which one are you?
online backup billboard 1-in-2-people

So, which one is your favorite?

We will also be touching up the final picked one, so give us feedback in the comments.

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