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Backblaze works seamlessly with iCloud

Backblaze and iCloud

Yesterday Apple announced iCloud, launching in the fall, which lets you sync music, photos, apps, calendars, etc. between your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. As Mac-fans, all of us here at Backblaze are pretty excited about using these features for ourselves!

A couple people asked, “How will Backblaze work with iCloud?”
The answer? Seamlessly!

* iCloud will sync your recent 30 days of photos across devices and recommends you store all the pictures you want to keep permanently on your Mac; Backblaze will ensure ALL your photos stored on your Mac are safe forever.
* iCloud will sync files from compatible apps; Backblaze will backup all data.
* iCloud will have 5 GB of storage; Backblaze is committed to unlimited online backup.

We are very excited by Apple’s new features and looking forward to using them!
And you can continue to look forward to having all of your data completely protected by Backblaze!

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Free iPhone 4 Wallpapers

iPhone Wallpapers

Did you get your new iPhone 4 (or upgrade to iOS 4)?

I created some iPhone 4 Wallpapers (640×960) you may enjoy. They’re free to use.

How to Switch the Wallpaper:
* Open this blog post on your iPhone.
* Click on the one image you like (including the one with the flame) to open it.
* Click and hold on the image > Save Image
* Open Photos > Camera Roll
* Click the icon in the lower left corner > Use as Wallpaper.


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MacWorld Brings Back Steve Jobs

MacWorld Brings Back Steve Jobs
Sometimes its the little things that warm my heart. In January, many of us hoped to see Steve Jobs on stage as the keynote for the MacWorld event. We decided to show our support by making “Bring Back Steve Jobs” posters and passing them out the morning of the keynote.

Today a very cool time lapse video by Peter Belanger showing the making of a MacWorld cover circulated around our office.

Then, someone noticed that at about two minutes into the video, as he is walking down the hall at MacWorld magazine, posted in the middle of the glass wall of someone’s office is one of the “Bring Back Steve Jobs” posters we had created. Made me smile to think someone is still enjoying the posters and thoughts.

See Peter’s fantastic video here: Cover Creation

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TheAppleBlog requests old-time creativity

Josh Pigford at TheAppleBlog was excited by the arrival of a new simple drawing application for the Mac called “Paintbrush” that brought back the pixelated times of the past. To celebrate, he challenged his readers to create images with the new app and offered to give two 1-year subscriptions to Backblaze to the best ones.

A few people really stood up to the challenge and created some amazing art.
Here are the two winning designs (by Sean Leary & DangerDude):

You can probably guess to which one I’m partial. ;-)

Congratulations to both of you and enjoy the Backblaze service!

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Backblaze Mac launch winners

Mac launch winners
Two weeks ago Backblaze launched the Mac version of its unlimited online backup service. As part of the launch, we randomly selected 25 people who installed on the day of launch to receive a free 1-year license to the Backblaze service.

I wanted to share a few of the responses we received when notifying the winners:

“I am thrilled! I look forward to continuing to use your wonderful product!”
“Wow, what great news!”
“Love the product so far (although I hope I never need to use it!)”
“I have this installed on my shiny new MacBook Pro Unibody, and just finished my first backblaze backup. Sweet, eh?”

All of the winners can backup their computer and any USB or Firewire-attached drives – ensuring their photos, music, and other documents are safe for the year to come.

The winners who claimed their prize, including one who said “Awesome, I never win anything ;-) ” are:

Alex Vermulst
Brandon White
Jeremiah Mankin
Kevin Katz
Ramon Silva
Mark Allen
Simon O’Brien
James Kachel
Peter Kazanjy
Mike Chasman
Jason Clarke
Tymothy Bryce
Paul Hibbitts
Phillip Riggs
Neil Berkman
Dan Crane II
Cris Mitchell
Adam Simon
Ray Smuckles
Louis Plante

Congratulations to all of you and enjoy the Backblaze service!

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Backblaze launches Mac version

Mac launch
Backblaze loves the Mac, and even tried to bring back Steve Jobs, so we’re very excited today to make our unlimited online backup service available to all Mac users.

With half the founding team originally from Apple, we couldn’t wait to support the Mac platform. We’re thrilled to do so and to see some of the reactions so far:

TUAW: Backblaze for Mac officially launches
MacWorld: BackBlaze online backup debuts for Mac
TechCrunch: Backblaze’s Online Backup Solution For Macs
TidBits: Backblaze Publicly Launches Online Backup Service for Macs
VentureBeat: Simple backup service Backblaze now available to all Mac users
MacNN: Backblaze debuts ‘effortless’ backup for Macs
TheAppleBlog: Backblaze for Mac Now Live Easy backups for Mac: BackBlaze
5ThirtyOne: Backblaze: Secure unlimited automatic backups for $5
MacsimumNews: Backblaze announces Mac Online Backup

At core, Backblaze for the Mac delivers on the same vision – making backup simple:
* Installing is simple – just download, enter an email and password; you’re done.
* Running it is simple – nothing to do; backs up continuously and automatically.
* Pricing is simple – $5/month or $50/year per computer for unlimited storage.
* Restoring is simple – select any files; download or we’ll FedEx a DVD or hard drive.

Here is a screenshot of the Mac Preference Pane:
Mac Preference Pane

While the underlying backup system was always developed cross-platform, during the beta we also learned a lot from feedback from thousand of users, resulting in us:
* Improving notifications
* Starting to backup resource forks
* Adding an uninstaller to the install package
* Excluding numerous extra application-specific temp file directories
* …and many other items that we built/fixed/changed.

We also learned Mac users love their external drives, with some users having as many as 6 USB or Firewire drives connected to one system.

While we always supported backing up external drives, we developed a new interface that showing which drives are connected/disconnected, selected for backup or not, or Boot Camp/Time Machine. Now, not only does Backblaze automatically backup external drives…but provides an at-a-glance view of the status.
Mac Settings

We hope you enjoy the service.

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Bring back Steve Jobs

Bring Back Steve Jobs
Jobs was sorely missed yesterday at Macworld. Loved for his hyperbole, showmanship, and black turtleneck, Steve bowed out of Apple’s last Macworld. Rumors circled that he was ill, Apple had nothing to announce, he was stepping down, etc. In the end, Steve issued a statement. Macworld would not be the same without Steve Jobs’ keynote.

Yesterday, after camping out all night to get in, thousands showed up to see Phil Schiller, Apple senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing, present Apple’s final keynote. Apple fans waited for the rumored iPhone Nano, a revamped Mac Mini, a netbook, or even just a bump up to 32 GB for the iPhone. Alas, it was not to be. Phil did a good job with the announcements he had, but Steve Jobs’ flair was missed.

As the person who is synonymous with Apple, it must have been hard for Steve to not give the last Apple Macworld keynote. So, Backblaze made some flyers to let him know how we all feel in just four words: Bring Back Steve Jobs.

We attempted to hand them out to the people in the keynote line, but Macworld security said we were not permitted on the sidewalk, and had to stand on the corners. We handed the flyers out there, only to be shut down by Apple’s marketing group soon thereafter, with the rest of the flyers confiscated.

People loved the flyers. Some jumped out of line to come grab one from us. Others hung them off their badges. A few told us they would pin them in their offices.

To bring Steve Jobs back seemed to hit a nerve. SFGate, CRN, and NBC News had photos of people holding them up; The Guardian UK, ABC 7 News (second video), and Channel 4 TV included it in their video coverage; and Content Now and TheAppleBlog mentioned it.

If you got one while we could hand them out, you’re one of the few. Keep it as a memento; a reminder of the legacy of Steve Jobs’ “one more thing.”

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Backblaze launches Mac beta

That may have been the most understated title for a blog post about a day like today.

Less than 3 months after our Windows launch, today Backblaze announced a fully-featured Mac online backup service into private beta that followed the same “backup everything; no configuration setup; unlimited storage; $5 per month” approach.
Backblaze Mac Preference Pane

This happened so quickly due to the team’s deep love for the Mac and continual commitment to cross-platform development. Every line of code for the backup engine always ran on the Mac and Windows ensuring the system’s robustness since all Backblaze customers worldwide already use it. The UI, on the other hand, was written natively to ensure that it was a true Mac product. Stay tuned for a post from our CTO about developing cross-platform code, but for now, more about today’s launch…

At 6am PST, the updated website appeared, Cara lit a laptop on fire, and the first reviews went public. Here are some that covered the launch:
* The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW): Backblaze beta launches for Mac
* TechCrunch: Backblaze Brings Its Dead Simple Online Backup To The Mac
* Ars Technica: Backblaze: online Time Machine for Mac, and we have invites
* TidBITs: Backblaze Launches Mac Beta of Online Backup Service
* Mac News Network: BackBlaze reveals web-based system backup for Mac
* Macsimum News: BackBlaze announces private beta version of its Mac software

I want to say a big thank you to the bloggers and journalists who helped us spread the word about the Mac online backup beta! Throughout the day we watched the comments on these sites, the Twittering about Backblaze, and the feedback sent to us; it was great to see so many people passionate about backups.

As many of you found, we had such an overwhelming response that, unfortunately, we had to shut off access for new beta users pretty early in the day. I know several thousand of you did not get in and we are doing everything possible to enable everyone to access the beta. Please bear with us and if you submit an email request, we will contact you as soon as we have space available.

Again, a big thank you to everyone – we’re very excited to help you backup easily.

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