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Walt Mossberg Recommends Backblaze

Last week venerable reviewer Walt Mossberg did an in-depth Backblaze review and said:

“I like and can recommend Backblaze.”

Walt Mossberg had been the head technology reviewer for The Wall Street Journal for approximately 25 years before leaving to start a dedicated technology site, Re/code, in January 2014. According to Wikipedia:

Mossberg is widely regarded as one of the most influential writers on information technology. In 2004, in a lengthy profile, Wired called him “The Kingmaker”, saying “few reviewers have held so much power to shape an industry’s successes and failures.”

We are thrilled to have him review our online backup service, recommend it, and choose it as part of his personal backup strategy.

Mossberg also recommended a full three-tier approach with which we agree:
1. A sync service for actively used files
2. A local backup
3. An online backup

Importantly, he reviewed both the backup:
“In my tests, the backups have gone smoothly, even though I used the computer in multiple locations with multiple network speeds.”

And he reviewed the restore:
“I tested two of the methods — downloading and the USB drive — and found that both worked perfectly and quickly.”

Mossberg also discussed his three-tier backup strategy and his experience with Backblaze on CNBC:

We couldn’t be more pleased that Walt enjoyed the service and hope that his three-tier approach will help you with your backup strategy.

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Award Winning Online Backup

A few weeks ago we told you we had been selected as a finalist for the 2013 SIIA Software CODiE Awards in the Best Cloud Storage and Back Up Solution category. We were very proud of being selected as a finalist, that was really cool.

Well guess what, WE WON! So, we are no longer a finalist, instead we are the winner! You can read all about the CODiE Awards on the SIIA website. Winning the award was awesome enough, but then they gave us the trophy you see above – is that cool or what? We’ve been admiring it for days and taking turns taking it home to show off. OK, so maybe only I took it home, but it is still an awesome trophy.

So we’d like to say Thank You to the SIIA and its members for naming us as the 2013 Best Cloud Storage and Back Up Solution winner. We will do our best to live up to the high standards they have set for being selected as a CODiE Awards winner.

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Backblaze is a CODiE Finalist

We are very proud to announce that Backblaze was selected as a finalist for the 2013 SIIA Software CODiE Awards in the Best Cloud Storage and Back Up Solution category. The SIIA CODiE Awards are the premier award for the software and information industries, and have been recognizing product excellence for 27 years.

To become a finalist, Backblaze had to be evaluated by a panel of industry judges and be compared to the other category entrants. There were a myriad of questions to answer and the judges ran Backblaze through it’s paces to make sure it did everything we said. We also had to address how Backblaze delivered in the areas of agility, flexibility, redundancy, reliability, scalability and most importantly security. The thoroughness of the evaluation not only included the Backblaze client like the one on your PC or Mac, but the entire Backblaze infrastructure. This makes sense, given the breadth of the category “Best Cloud Storage and Back up Solution”.

While many people find our service to be the easiest online backup solution around, the real magic is masking the complexity that is inherent in backing up, storing and restoring our customer’s data. Over the past 5 plus years Backblaze has safely backed up and now stores nearly 50 Petabytes of user data and so far we’ve restored over 3 Billion files for our customers.

We’d like to thank the SIIA for naming us as an SIIA CODiE Awards finalist in the Best Cloud Storage and Back Up Solution category. And we’d like to thank you our customers for believing in us as well.

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Honoring Our Drive Farmers

Drive Farmer Drives

Back in November our Drive Farming Brigade was asked to farm hard drives for us over the Thanksgiving holiday. Hundreds of drives showed up and we dutifully sent them to our warehouse. They joined our drive stockpile and patiently waited for their chance to reach their hard drive destiny and be part of a Backblaze Storage Pod. Is there any greater honor for a hard drive than to be part of a Backblaze Storage Pod, backing up our customers’ data?  We think not!

Now it their turn for these farmed drives to be installed in Storage Pods. To honor our intrepid drive farmers, we decided to “tag” drives to their farmer. These photos, courtesy of our Operations Team, are from the first batch of farmed drives, 5 each from Olivier, Jeannine, David and the rest. Once installed, they will undergo rigorous testing to make sure they are ready for the task at hand – safely backing up photos, videos, documents and more for thousands of customers until such time as that data is needed.

So thank you drive farmers in your efforts to help Backblaze deliver truly unlimited online data backup. While everyone else is raising prices we continue to be just $5 a month and we’d like to keep it that way. Thanks again!

Drive Farmer Drives

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Heroes Assemble…at Draper University!

Backblaze Online Backup and Draper University Street Sign

Backblaze would like to welcome the Draper University of Heroes to the neighborhood! Last year Tim Draper, the Founder and Managing Director of Draper Fisher Jurvetson, bought the Benjamin Franklin Hotel in San Mateo with a dream of renovating the building and turning it in to a University for Entrepreneurs. The Draper University of Heroes welcomed its first batch of entrepreneurs this week to be part of a pilot program that will pave the way for the University, which is set to open in January of 2013. Backblaze is located right next to Draper University, so we’ll see the campus and buildings evolve from a front row seat!

We are excited to have even more entrepreneurs in San Mateo and can’t wait to see the talent that Draper University will produce! We’d also like to thank Tim for keeping the pool open! Block party at your place?

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Fifth time’s still the charm

Just shy of one year ago, my friend Vlad was getting married and told me Backblaze had saved him losing his mind the night before his wedding.

A few days ago he and his wife Jamie posted this exchange on my Facebook page:

Five times in one year? Cosmic rays? Aliens attacking the hard drives?

Either way, glad we could be there!

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Backblaze saves a marriage

Backblaze online backup saves marriage

Ok, maybe not quite the marriage…but at least the sanity leading up to it.

My friend Vlad was planning his wedding recently and posted this on Facebook a couple days before the actual event:

Vlad is grateful for Backblaze.. phew

I asked him what happened and wanted to share his reply:

we’ve been going *nuts* over the last few weeks finishing last minute details, running errands, etc etc. it’s been exhausting and tonight i’m practically delirious. while putting the last minute touches on our wedding playlist… a playlist we’ve spent hours on btw, i accidentally deleted it. gone! holy crap. seriously, i was ready to kill someone, maybe myself… i was totally exasperated. but luckily, i was able to download the old itunes file from backblaze…. oh man.

if it wasn’t for that, my sanity would be gone now. i dont know how long it would take to re-make the playlist, not to mention, i’m sure
we would have forgotten a bunch of songs. phew!

actually, backblaze has saved us multiple times now. both jamie and i have had our computers totally die on us and were able to recover everything using backblaze, and now this playlist issue too. it’s a lifesaver!

Glad that we could help and congratulations again!

Backblaze a Finalist for a Crunchie

Vote Backblaze for Crunchie Award

GigaOm, VentureBeat, and TechCrunch have gotten together again to put on the Academy Awards of the tech industry – the Crunchies. Backblaze is honored to have been named a finalist in the category: Best Technology Achievement of 2009.

Not sure if you have heard of the other finalists…one is a little startup called Google and the other some company named Microsoft. ;-)

Voting for the Crunchies ends this Wednesday Jan 6, 2010 at midnight and we would love to have your vote. (It takes just a click to vote – no personal info or sign-ups.)

How did we get selected to be a finalist?
Nominations from you and selection by the Crunchies Committee.

What is the technology achievement?
A combination of the unlimited, unthrottled, backup-all-data online backup service itself and the uber-inexpensive cloud storage hardware design we gave away.

So, what now?
Vote for us! We promise to still be your friend after we’re famous.

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