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Backblaze Mobile is Alive!

We announced Backblaze Mobile a few months ago, and while it took a little longer than expected (we couldn’t help but add in features) Backblaze Mobile for iPhone is now ready for you! That’s right! If you have a Backblaze account, you’ll now be able to access your online backup on the go, from your iOS device! What about Android? That’s coming up next, stay tuned!

What Does Backblaze Mobile Do?
Backblaze Mobile is a free app, available in the App Store, that allows you to access, download, experience, and share all of the data that’s been uploaded from your desktop or laptop and to your active Backblaze account.

Access Download Experience Share
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How it Works:

Access: After signing in to your Backblaze account, you’ll see a list of all the computers (Windows and/or Macs) you are backing up with Backblaze online backup. Select one of these computers. Next you’ll see all the drives for that system that Backblaze currently has backed up. This can include multiple internal as well as connected external USB, Firewire and Thunderbolt drives.

Download: The folders and files are organized just like those on your computer, so the files you want are easy to find. Once you’ve located your file it can be downloaded to the iPhone. Remember, the current the file size limit for a single file is 30 MB. You can download as many files as you want and you can see a list of your recently downloaded files by selecting the “downloads” button.

Experience: Once the file is downloaded you can see and/or hear the file. Viewing a PDF, listening to a MP3, or previewing a Microsoft Word doc are all possible. You’ll be able to see and/or hear all the file types your iPhone knows how to present.

Share: Once you’re sure you have the right file you can share it. The options you get depend on the type of file, for example, if the file is an MP3, you may not see the “print” option, but it will be present for a JPG or GIF file.

Take Control!

The Backblaze Mobile app will give you greater access to all the data you’ve backed up with Backblaze throughout the years. Forgot a presentation? No problem, just download it to your phone. Have a picture on your computer that you want to show to a friend? No problem, just download it to your phone. Hanging out with friends and remember a fun picture you took, and then have an urge to post it to Facebook and tag them in it? No problem, just download it to your phone and share it! With Backblaze Mobile you can finally take control of your data.

Have questions? Check out the Backblaze Mobile FAQ!

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Backblaze release 2.0.2

Backblaze has made a new release available and all users are scheduled to be automatically upgraded over the next few weeks. Below are the enhancements in this release:

Release Date: 3/01/12
Version: 2.0.2
Auto-Update: All Users

- Added “End Time” to “Backup Schedule of type ‘Once Per Day’”
While the default (and recommended) approach is to backup “Continuously”, Backblaze now offers the ability to specify a specific start and end time for backup. This is particularly useful for customers who pay different amounts for bandwidth at different times.

- Streamlined Backblaze for Business billing notifications
Previously individual users in a Backblaze for Business account would receive notifications when the business’s subscription was expiring. Now, only the administrator of the business account will be notified. If the account has not been renewed within 15 days of expiration, the individual users will be notified and asked to contact their administrator.

- Improved Japanese Translations
Major revamp of the Japanese language throughout the client.

- New icon in client “Restore…” dialog for “USB Flash Drive” restore option
Icon updated to match the switch from DVD to USB Flash Drive restore.

- Removed ability to run installer on Mac OS X 10.4 (Mac)
With Apple not issuing updates for Mac OS X 10.4 since 2007, Backblaze is starting to phase out support for 10.4. Existing customers running OS X 10.4 will continue to be able to run Backblaze v1.5.3, but will not be receiving updates.

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Hello Iron Mountain customers, can we help?

Iron Mountain acquisition by Autonomy
After shutting down its cloud storage business last month, today Iron Mountain sold the entire Iron Mountain Digital business to Autonomy.

Why did Iron Mountain shut down the cloud storage business and sell off its Iron Mountain Digital business? According to ZDNet, Iron Mountain “is exiting the digital business because it can’t keep up with developing technology.” This is backed up by StorageMojo who says that for it’s cloud storage by “selecting EMC – a premium-priced provider – suggests that IM got off on the wrong foot and never recovered.”

Iron Mountain Digital offered online backup to its customers and charged approximately $60 per computer per month for 30 GB! That is 12 times more than Backblaze charges for its online backup for unlimited storage. Backblaze was able to offer this service profitably at the $5 per month price point by focusing from day one on developing our own cloud storage system which at 10 petabytes five months ago already stored 2x more data for our customers than Iron Mountain.

Are you using Iron Mountain for your online backup needs? Worried about where your service is headed? Interested in a more cost-efficient offering?

We’re ready to help with your business online backup needs.

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Backblaze for Business launches

Backblaze for Business

Ever since Backblaze launched, providing incredibly easy, unlimited online backup, for individual users…companies have said, “Hey, but we have laptops and desktops that need to be backed up too!”

To help these companies, this week we launched Backblaze for Business, making available the same $50 per year per computer unlimited backup.

What is Backblaze for Business?
It is an online backup service that automatically and continuously backs up all data from laptops and desktops over the Internet. The data is de-duplicated, compressed, encrypted, and broken up into small pieces before being uploaded so that it can sent incrementally. If the computer dies, individual employees can restore their data by downloading it or having Backblaze FedEx the data on DVDs or a USB hard drive.

How much does it cost?
Just $50 per computer per year for unlimited storage.

Wait, this sounds just like the consumer service?
Yes, why change a good thing?! What Backblaze for Business adds is:
* Central Billing – a company can pay for all of its accounts centrally and can choose to pay via credit card or be invoiced for the service.
* Central Reporting – the person in charge of the backup service can get automated reports about which computers are licensed, when their last backup was, how far into the backup they are, etc.

Who should use Backblaze for Business?
The service is available for companies with at least 5 employees. Have less than 5? Just have each user sign-up for the regular Backblaze service. Have 10, 100, 1000, or more? Get started on the Backblaze for Business page.

How does this compare to my other options?
There are various ways to backup employee laptops and desktops. You could:
* Buy each user an external hard drive – which will cost you about two years of Backblaze service; you still need a way for them to backup to the drive; there is no central management; and the chances that the hard drive is in the same place as the laptop? Well, you get the point.
* Use a central tape drive system – and sign up to rotate and manage tapes continuously? Deal with the stat that over half of the time tapes fail when you need to restore data? Oh, and how do you deal with users being remote with their laptops?
* Tell users to save important files to a shared drive – seriously, you know this does not actually happen, right?
* Don’t backup laptops and desktops – even though 60% of corporate data is on those employee computers and 70% of companies die after a significant data loss?

What about other online backup solutions?
There are other certainly other options available. We heard 3 requests from companies:
1. Make it easy to deploy. All other solutions required IT to figure out what to backup. Unfortunately, without going to every employee’s computer, that was impossible to figure out, so they would either just backup “My Documents” or pick common filetypes; knowing that other data was going to get lost.
=> Backblaze automatically backs up all data.

2. Make the pricing predictable. Companies need to budget, especially in the current economy. Having unpredictable expenses that grow with the amount of data backed up it challenging.
=> Backblaze charges one fixed price for unlimited storage.

2. Make the pricing affordable. Companies really want to backup their data, but paying $0.50 – $2.00 per GB per month adds up very quickly to hundreds or thousands of dollars per computer per year. A laptop with just 100 GB on it would cost $600 – $2400 per year to backup. Most companies just cannot afford this.
=> Backblaze charges just $50 per computer per year.

How do I get started?
Just visit Backblaze for Business and stop worrying.

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