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Backblaze saves a marriage

Backblaze online backup saves marriage

Ok, maybe not quite the marriage…but at least the sanity leading up to it.

My friend Vlad was planning his wedding recently and posted this on Facebook a couple days before the actual event:

Vlad is grateful for Backblaze.. phew

I asked him what happened and wanted to share his reply:

we’ve been going *nuts* over the last few weeks finishing last minute details, running errands, etc etc. it’s been exhausting and tonight i’m practically delirious. while putting the last minute touches on our wedding playlist… a playlist we’ve spent hours on btw, i accidentally deleted it. gone! holy crap. seriously, i was ready to kill someone, maybe myself… i was totally exasperated. but luckily, i was able to download the old itunes file from backblaze…. oh man.

if it wasn’t for that, my sanity would be gone now. i dont know how long it would take to re-make the playlist, not to mention, i’m sure
we would have forgotten a bunch of songs. phew!

actually, backblaze has saved us multiple times now. both jamie and i have had our computers totally die on us and were able to recover everything using backblaze, and now this playlist issue too. it’s a lifesaver!

Glad that we could help and congratulations again!

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